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Power of Attorney
by Montgomery Law in Blacksburg, VA

Count on Montgomery Law for Establishing the Needed Powers of Attorney

Trust Montgomery Law for superior advice on getting a power of attorney in Blacksburg, VA. Life requires difficult decisions, and you will need someone to act on your behalf when you are unable. Our office is ready to discuss who you want to have power of attorney over a variety of legal issues. Do not wait until you are no longer able to make these decisions

Contact our office today at (540) 552-1663 for an appointment to discuss these important matters.

Advising You on The Best Practice for Establishing these Powers

We all have a variety of people who we trust in our lives with a variety of matters. Our office wants to help you determine who is best qualified to handle these decisions. Virginia law allows you to choose individuals for these matters, including both medical and financial. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing someone is ready to advocate for you when you need help. Our experts are standing by to help make these decisions.

We Know the Requirements and Can Help You Make Needed Adjustments

Montgomery Law knows what you need for a power of attorney, and can help you with making changes. We will advise you on the legal requirements, and what can affect the power of attorney.

You also have the power to share who should control these things with the proper institutions. Reach out to us today to determine who should have powers of attorney in your situation. We can also help you with probate, trusts, and wills.

Count on Montgomery Law in Blacksburg, VA
when you need quality legal advice on your power of attorney.