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Wills and Trusts
by Montgomery Law in Radford, VA

Montgomery Law Provides Expert Legal Aid with Wills and Trusts

When you need quality help with wills and trusts in Radford, VA, count on the experts at Montgomery Law. Radford area residents know the importance of taking care of their loved ones long after they are gone. Wills and trusts are two vital tools for making sure that is possible. Do not allow control over your assets to go to the state, and be subject to probate. 

When you need help with your wills and trusts, call us for an appointment at (540) 552-1663.

Creating Wills That Will Serve Your Family for Years to Come

There is nothing more important for you to do than to leave direction for your family after you are gone. Creating a will gives you the peace of mind knowing your final wishes are in your will. Our law firm offers advice on what to include in your will. You will have a say in what happens to your assets. That helps prevent the need for your family to go through the probate process.

Building a Wide Array of Trusts for a Variety of Situations

You can build a trust with a diverse amount of options under Virginia law. These trusts include revocable, irrevocable, testamentary, pet and charitable. No matter your situation, our experienced law firm can help you build them. We know what it takes to build one legally and can help you adjust them as need arises. Contact our office today to start building your trust.

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